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Where are you located?
We are located in Al-Sabih Marines in Shuwaikh  next to Al-Fares Jewelry cross from Tilal Complex (refer to Contact Us on our website).

How long is SCUBA Diver (Open Water) Course?
The duration of the course is seven (7) days.  Every Sunday we have an Open Water course. The course divided into three (3) parts: Four (4) days theories in class, 1-2 Pool sessions between 4 to 5 hours, Friday & Saturday Open water trips.

What time classes do starts?
Classes usually starts at 5:00PM

Is your classes mixed men & women?
Yes, our classes are mixed.

Is your pool sessions mixed men & women?
Pool sessions are mixed but the students divided into groups, females with an Instructor and a female Divemaster and males with an Instructor and a male Divemaster.

Where will the pool sessions take place?
Pool session take place in Aqua Tots Swimming School, Al-Khaldiya, Block 2, Street 29,
Women Cultural and Social Society.

Where is the Diving Center boat located?
The Diving Center boat located in Fahaheel Sea Club.

How big is your diving boat?
Our boat is a 40 footer and designed with SCUBA divers in mind. It can handle up to 20 divers and It has a changing room, a toilet, a big cooler (refer to Gallery / Pictures /Our Boat on our website).

How do I get to Fahaheel Sea Club?
Take Hwy 30 (Fahaheel Express) to exit 212, take a left on the traffic light and keep going straight until you reach Fahaheel Sea Club. 

Can a friend or a family member join me during my course when we go on the boat?
Yes they can and they can swim & snorkel too (a minimal fee of KD 15).

Which diving sites do you go to?
We usually dive in one of the following dive sites:  Kubbar Island, Qaruh Island, Tayler’s Rock or Araifjan Reef/Wreck.

How much do you charge for your diving trips?
All our diving trips are for KD25 except for Araifjan Reef/Wreck for KD20. All trips includes hot & cold drinks, food (individually wrap sandwiches) and snacks.

Can we rent the boat privately?
Yes, the charge during the week is KD250 and during the weekend (Friday or Saturday) KD350. All private trips includes hot & cold drinks, food (individually wrapped sandwiches), snacks, diving tanks and diving gear (BCD & Weights only).

How many dives can we do in a day?
Two dives per trip.

What time do the dive trips start?
Scheduled day trip start at 9 am sharp. If two trips scheduled on that day, then first trip start at 8am and second trip at 1pm.

Do you provide Nitrox?
Yes, upon request only, for an extra charge of KD5 per tank.

How about the visibility?
The Vis ranges from 3 – 15 meters depending on the site and tide condition.

What is the water temperature?
Water temperature ranges:
April:  19 ̊C - 21 ̊C
May to Oct:  26 ̊C – 30 ̊C

What tanks do you supply on the boat?
All our tanks are 80 cu ft (11.75L) with standard yoke outlet with spin out DIN insert.
When is your diving season starts & ends?
Our diving season starts in first of April and ends in end of October.